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Flower Care
Tips & Tricks

Wrapped Bouquets

When you bring your bouquet home, unwrap the flowers and fill a vase with cool water. Empty half of the preservative packet and stir until dissolved. Starting with your greens, take each stem and cut about 1 inch off the bottom by making a cut on a sharp angle with pruning or floral shears (or the sharpest scissors you have!). Arrange all flowers in the vase making sure to give each stem a fresh cut before putting it in the water. Replace water daily & give stems a fresh 1/2 inch cut every 2 -3 days. 

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Vase Arrangement Care

Fresh Water Vase Arrangement: 

To keep flowers fresh and lasting a nice long time, replace water daily with cool water. Keep out of direct sun or near heat source. 

FUN TIP: Have hydrangeas in your arrangement? Mist the heads with water every morning. If you get a droopy head, take it out of the arrangement and stick it upside down in a cereal bowl of cool water overnight. 

Floral Foam Arrangement: 

If your arrangement has been designed in a green floral foam, you will want to tip it over the sink to drain any excess water and then add about 1 cup of cool water to it everyday. Depending on the size of the arrangement, you may need to add more water. Touch the foam and if it feels dry, add more water. As flowers die, take them out of the foam.  

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